Making Homeowner’s Dreams Come True

Dream House Foundation is a Non-Profit 501-C3 that offers strategies to ensure sustainable and affordable homeownership, for people of modest means. Home ownership is the American dream and Dream House Foundation wanted to give individuals and families from all ethnicities, race and gender to maximize affordable housing by empowering residents to uplift their communities. Dream House Foundation wants to be an advocate to strengthen the economic ladder, by building financial stability through homeownership.

Giving Our Community A Real Opportunity To Own A Home

Dream House Foundation provides down payments assistance to enhance and to create a real opportunity to buy a home, regardless of your background or social status. Home ownership also fulfills our nation’s promise of providing a home for all who can afford one. Studies show that personal and family economic growth is tied to their real estate holdings. Understanding these studies, Dream House Foundation wanted to design a down payment assistance program to increase home ownership opportunities, throughout the country, by assisting FHA home buyers with their down payment. Creating an opportunity and purpose for minority home buyers, that have been overlooked, undervalued and underserved in their community.

Dream House Foundation is eager to give back to the community, but also eager to learn from the community. Housing market can go up and down. However, the housing market has always been a vital part of our economic growth. With Dream House Foundation committment, we will not go up and down. We will be a consistent force and solution for our community. We stand to increase home ownership, for individuals and families who need a little assistance to cross the finish line.   

  • Uplifting Communities
  • Empowering Neighborhoods
  • Creating Solutions 
  • Helping Families
  • Unity